How To Apply HVAC Tape In Tight Spaces?

With no two jobs being the same, HVAC technicians must learn to adapt to the challenges of the jobsite environments – including working efficiently in small spaces. Attics and crawlspaces are often where HVAC maintenance and repair takes place, but with little to no elbow room, applying tape can be a challenge.

HVAC techs often develop their own strategies for using tape on the job. One strategy for applying foil or film tape in tight spaces is to use a tape that is built with a split liner and remove one half of the liner at a time. This way, you can apply one half of the tape over your seam or edge of an HVAC component, wipe it down, cut the length you need, and then go back and remove the other half of the liner and apply the other half of the tape. This makes application easier because having half of the liner still on the tape as you start applying prevents the tape from folding over and sticking to itself, which can cause frustration, wasted time and wasted tape (ultimately resulting in added material costs). The final step in tape application is always to use a squeegee to firmly wipe it down.

If using a tape with a split liner is not an option, a good rule of thumb is to remove the liner just a few inches at a time as you apply the tape, keeping the tape smooth over your seam, and wiping down with a squeegee after the tape is applied. It is important to work with precision and not rush yourself, which could result in wasted tape or seams that are not airtight.